Ari-maj private leaks


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What is in this leak?

Over 10k files (>35 GB), including private photos/videos most of them never published by her (including nudes, pussy photos with bf, videos with voice and more). So you cane see her from her other side, not just shy quiet instagram girl, don't be scared of no-makeup pics.

On April someone posted teaser on telegram group where ari (or her mules) also is there, so she found source of that leak. So leaked content is from 2017 up to april 2019.

I want this leak now!

Help fill the goal (info below) for full leak, and we will publish entire package (over 35 GB) via torrent file immediately.

How Ari can stop this leak?

too late

Goals (price drop)

We hit torrent goal! See info below

We were farming this leak over past couple months, and it's worth it. We will publish it in small parts.


Send some BTC to address below. Every confirmed 0.002 BTC total (only 2019 transactions count), we will publish part of that leak.
If we hit total of 0.005 BTC, as soon as this will get confirmed we will publish all photos/videos as torrent file.
Full exposed data (how much she earned on you, and private info) only after we hit total of 0.02 BTC

BTC address: 1829Xar7rdgDAGtgfRetFQmV4rNnZ6nGy3

Sending BTC is totally optional this leak will hapenn without payments, but in parts and long time between parts (except for Full exposed data, you need to hit that goal to publish it)

Why goal is 0.01 BTC for torrent? - I need to spend them on a server to host that torrent. So it will be 24/7 and very fast upload.


"Paid" Content

On select "slow download" from dropdown menu to download for free.

A paid content "vip photos" that she send to patrons for ~130 dollars per month. (nothing special, download if you want and see what patron wasted money for)

"VIP photos/videos" | Book/Callendar (pdf files) | Extracted photos from book (who cares about text)

Private Content Leak

It's getting interesting :) (4 of 10 parts out below)

There will be multiple mirrors now, just don't select mirror (it's an AD on that site, not download link)

p1 (mirror) | p2 (mirror)
v1 (mirror) | v2 (mirror)


magnet | torrent file

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Celebs always trusts cloud, and then got suprised that everything leaked.

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